ITECH has set up a VAE procedure that allows applicant to obtain the ITECH engineering degree, the Technical Manager Certificate and the Specialized Mastere.
Social Modernization law has transformed the validation of acquired professional knowledge into validation of acquired experience that allows students to fully or partially obtain the diploma, title for professional purposes or qualifications certificate. It also gives access a training course without justifying your level of studies or the usual diplomas or title required.

What is the VAE?

This procedure allows one to fully or partially obtain a certification (diploma, title for professional purposes or professional qualification certificate) on the basis of a professional experience as an employee, non-employee (tradesman, contributor to a tradesman, self-employed, farmer or artisan…) and/or volunteer (syndicate, associative). This experience is validated by a jury in direct link to the certification desired.

Who can undergo this procedure of VAE?

You must have at least 3 years professional or personal experience in the position which will bring you to the desired diploma to be eligible for a VAE.
The VAE applies to all diplomas, title for professional purposes delivered by the state or private organisms, or professional qualification certificates registered in the national directory of professional certifications.

Modalities, Procedures

To have access to a VAE, you must clearly define your professional research project, you must research the corresponding diplomas, list all activities you’ve exerted and thus everything you’ve learned (a summary of skills can be interesting to put in this last phase), as well as clearly define the diploma you would like to obtain.
The procedure goes through the setting up of a VAE file in order to validate the acquired knowledge in front of a jury which depends on the desired diploma. This jury (made up of professors and representatives of the profession) verify during an interview the acquired skills and knowledge corresponding to the skill required by the certification referential of the diploma, title or qualification desired. The jury can validate all or part of the acquired knowledge and, in the last case, can propose an training program or complimentary actions in order to have access to the full diploma, title or qualification desired. A five year deadline is given in order to proceed to the complete evaluation.

Committed to quality

On December 2020, ITECH Entreprises obtained Qualiopi certification issued by ISQ for a period of 4 years.