Academic exchange

Exchange study mobility enables you to spend a semester or a year of your course in a partner university abroad, in Europe or outside Europe. During your mobility, you are still a registered student at ITECH. You only pay the ITECH registration fees and follow courses for a semester in a partner university (although additional fees may be required: library fees, insurance, sports registration, etc.). This means that you will choose and take subjects at the partner university that will replace the subjects you will not be taking at ITECH. At the end of your mobility, the credits you have obtained in the partner university will enable you to validate your semester at ITECH. Depending on the partner university, either you collect your transcript yourself or the partner university sends it directly to the ITECH International Relations Department for transcription into French grades. In this way, your semester of mobility will be validated by ITECH.

Engineering students enrolled in the Textile Materials major have the option of completing semester 9 on exchange at one of our two partner universities.

Parter universities

A question about your mobility project?

If you are planning to go abroad (internship, academic exchange or gap year) or if you are an international student wishing to come to study at ITECH Lyon, do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office.