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Project Management in Innovation

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The Advanced Master’s in Project Management in Innovation (Mastère Spécialisé Manager de projet d’innovation) is a one year training course accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles.

This programs aims to train professionals able to plan, implement and pilot innovation within companies. This “innovation” approach is the interface between technology dynamism and company management, more specifically within the industrial sectors which ITECH trains you for, such as plastic materials, formulation chemistry, textiles and leather.


The training consists in 500 hours organized into 15 modules 

  • Module 1. Conception Processes and Engineering systems
  • Module 2. Novel product managing
  • Module 3. Industrialisation et Industrial Management
  • Module 4. Dynamic and Technology of Innovation
  • Module 5. Marketing Innovation
  • Module 6. Design
  • Module 7. Sustainable Development
  • Module 8. Animation et Organizing Innovation
  • Module 9. Knowledge engineering, Industrial property (patents), Economic Intelligence
  • Module 10. Information systems and innovation
  • Module 11. Cost and financing innovation
  • Module 12. Managing and project undertaking
  • Module 13 : Strategy of Innovation
  • Module 14 : Research Methodology
  • Module 15 : Synthesis Seminar
  • Innovative industrial project: 100 hours

After the first semester, the program is completed by a 5-month internship in a company. At the end of the internship, the student will present a professional thesis in front of a jury.

Application and admission

Academic requirements

People interested in applying to the Advanced Master’s program in Project Management in Innovation must meet the following academic requirements:

  • Holders of a 5-year university-level diploma (such as a Master of Science, master’s degree or equivalent) in the following fields:
    • Engineering, management, science and technology, medicine and pharmacy, architecture, economy, social sciences…
  • Holders of a 4-year university-level diploma (such as 1st year of a Master of Science, 1st year of a master’s degree, a 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and 3 years of professional experience in the following fields:
    • Engineering, management, science and technology, medicine and pharmacy, architecture, economy, social sciences…

Language requirements

B2 level in French is required for this program. An official certificate is not required (the level is tested during the admissions interview), but is highly appreciated.

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Alan Guerrero
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Admission process

Depending on your nationality and your country of residence, you can apply via ITECH Lyon’s platform or via the Études en France platform. For further details on the admission process, please read Admission for international students.

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Study of the application file
    • The admissions committee will first study the admissibility of the application file, on the basis of the applicant’s academic record and project suitability.
  • Admissions interview
    • Applicants whose application files were marked as admissible will afterwards be contacted to schedule an admissions interview (online and in French). The purpose of this interview is to verify that the applicant’s project matches the program’s objectives, and to assess the applicant’s qualities in relation to the profession for which the program prepares.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are €8,000 and can be paid in several installments throughout the year.

Career outcomes

The end result of this mastère is to train participants for jobs as designers, activity leaders and managers in Innovation Processing. This training relies on the combination of technology, marketing and of management in order to prepare participants for positions such as:

  • Head of product development
  • Project officer for novel activity
  • Head of research and development line
  • Consultant in Innovation
  • Account manager in animation organisms for innovation (Chamber of commerce, technical centers, regional organisms, professional syndicates…)
  • Account manager in financing innovation organisms
  • Project officer for technological, intelligence watch and prospection
  • Entrepreneur in an innovating company…

This Advanced Master’s program is more specifically focused on activities corresponding to ITECH’s specialties such as textiles, plastic materials and manufacturing, cosmetics, paints and coatings, leather. But it also trains participants in innovation in mechanics, biotechnology and food-processing. These jobs and positions can be exercised in practically all activity sectors of industry and services, in large or small companies, but also in and local communities.

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