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Many associations & clubs are managed by students: the Student Association (BDE), the Sports Association (BDS), the Arts Association (BDA) and many others. Each year, students invest a lot of their time in humanitarian associations (e.g. solidar’ITECH).

Students are free to create any club they’d like: sports, cultural, gastronomy… ITECH Lyon strongly encourages students to participate in different activities, keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle between studies and community life.

This demands being able to manage time with limited means. Searching for sponsors allows students to involve themselves in the financial management of their activities. Taking on responsibility, decision making, searching for new ideas and managing a team make useful values that contribute to the path of a future engineer.

The Student Association (BDE)

The Student Association (BDE) manages and organizes clubs, parties, excursions… At its head is the President of the association, and a team in charge of budgeting, communication, sponsorships, logistics, photos…

The Student Association manages:

  • The student Common Room (foyer in French) which allows students to meet up, relax and to eat (soft drinks, microwaves, student-run food stand with sandwiches, etc.)
  • Parties
  • The Freshman Week
  • 4L Trophy Rally

The association also manages the following clubs:

  • Cheerleading
  • Theater
  • Choir
  • Dances (Hip-Hop, Rock, among others)
  • Music
  • Games
  • Cinema

The Sports Association (BDS)

The bureau manages:

  • Leisure or competitive sports (tournaments…)
  • Renting of sporting grounds or rooms
  • Purchasing equipment (balls, jerseys…)
  • Skiing weekend

Themed nights:

  • Ice Skating, Bowling, Pool…
  • Broadcasts of sporting events
  • And much more!

The participation to the Inter-Chemistry Tournament (TIC): sporting events between students from all chemistry schools in France.


Solidar’ITECH is an association allows for motivated students to go on humanitarian missions (Perou, Burkina Faso, Asia…) within the framework of their International Experience in first Year.

4L Trophy

The 4L Trophy™ is an Adventure Foray in the Moroccan desert reserved for students with Renault 4L cars. Young students in search of an adventure get to live a unique experience putting together sporting challenges, a change of scenery and solidarity.

Solidarity comes into play as the goal of the 4L Trophy™ is also to bring school and sporting supplies to the most impoverished children of Morocco. Over the years, this formula has made the 4L Trophy ™ the largest student sporting and humanitarian event in Europe! Every year, an ITECH team participates in this excursion..

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Why study in Lyon?

Lyon is a cosmopolitan and welcoming student city that never ceases to surprise!

Why study in Lyon?

Lyon is a cosmopolitan and welcoming student city that never ceases to surprise!