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Engineering students

End of 1st Year: International Experience of at least 6 weeks

This international experience is meant to prepare the student to approach intercultural situations. This is subjected to an individual account of the experience and is used as a basis of reflection in regards to the intercultural lesson students have in the following semester.

The international experience gives way to validation of ECTS credits after evaluation.

End of 2nd Year: Technical Engineering internship of at least 8 weeks

This status as an intern allows the student to come face to face with life in a company and to understand the material, economical and human means necessary to run one.

He or she makes use of his or her acquired knowledge throughout the program and uses his or her skills to answer technical problems under the tutoring of an industrial representative. The student thus discovers his or her strengths and weaknesses in situations where he or she still has the right to hesitate and ask for help to his or her colleagues. The end result is to leave the internship with an improved sense of self worth, on a cultural level as well as a personal one, as the student has evaluated his or her capacities of evolution within a production organism with requirements and imperatives.

This internship is subjected to a written report and an oral presentation in front of colleagues and lecturer-researchers, and an evaluation from the tutor. It gives way to validation of ECTS credits after evaluation.

3rd Year Engineering: End of studies internship of at least 5 months.

This work is entrusted to a young engineer. The student must show that he is capable of being autonomous in order to answers complex subjects in situations that can be sometimes complicated. It lasts from 5 to 6 months within a company or a laboratory in France or abroad.

It is subjected to an evaluation from the industrial tutor. A written report and an oral presentation in front of the industrial tutors and members of the school will also be done. This work results in obtain ECTS credits.

The End of Studies internship can also be a company start-up project who have an idea they would like to create. ITECH then helps the students in the steps to set up the project.

They end of the engineering course is materialized by scientific seminar called Proj’ITECH, where students present their works through presentations or with posters in front of colleagues and, teachers and industrials. It gives them the opportunity to see the diversity of subjects and even sometimes the transversal aspects or innovation that the students can bring to the work.

All internships are subjected to a signed internship agreement between the student, the company and the school.

Sandwich year in a company

Students can do a year in a company or in a foreign laboratory but they must do at least 6 months abroad. A long stay outside of France is always beneficial and pushes students to think about their future career.

Advanced Master’s students

ITECH Lyon has 4 different Advanced Master’s programs (all taught in French):

The Advanced Master’s program includes an internship in a company, which is part of the course. It is between 27 and 32 weeks long and allows for personal work and reflection on a subject given to the student by the company in collaboration with the school. One or more industrial tutors and one academic tutor are associated with this work.

This project is finished off by a written report which is then presented in front of a jury of industrials and lecturers.

Formulator and Color Technician students

Industrial internship of 4 to 6 months with a written report and presentation.

Committed to quality

On December 2020, ITECH Entreprises obtained Qualiopi certification issued by ISQ for a period of 4 years.