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The Advanced Master’s program Project Management in Industry 4.0 is a degree accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE). It is run jointly by ITECH Lyon and IRIIG, a partner school specialized in innovation and business growth.

The aim of this Advanced Master’s in Project Management in Industry 4.0 is to train managers who are able to design, implement, manage, lead, and optimize advanced 4.0-type industrial projects that rely on the combination of advanced technologies, new forms of information management, organizational structures, marketing and management for the overall success of the company.


  • Design and transform an industrial process in an innovative way by digital transformation, in coherence with the development strategy of the company in order to reinforce its agility, its economic, organizational and environmental performance
  • Lead this transformation, in conjunction with the market and partners, while supporting the change with internal teams
  • Manage an industrial process and make it evolve towards greater integration in the global value chain


ITECH Lyon and its partner IRIIG offer a multidisciplinary training program combining technological knowledge, managerial skills and industrial organization skills that can be applied in all business sectors.

The overall hourly volume of training is 500 hours organized into 5 modules and a supervised research module:

  • Contemporary world and innovation: Industry 4.0 and previous approaches, new economy and new consumers, as well as lecture conferences.
  • Technical systems of industrial processes 4.0: elements of the digital chain, advanced technologies and systems foresight, reliability and cybersecurity of systems.
  • Organization and transformation of industrial companies: organization and forms of work, management of change, methodology and posture of the council, legal and normative implications.
  • Industrial project 4.0: the fundamentals of project management, building and implementing a project 4.0, innovating through design thinking, tutored consulting mission.
  • Evaluation and performance of organizations: performance and transformation of economic models, business plan and industrial projects, environmental impact assessment

More than half of the training is provided by professionals, company managers and consultants.

Professional thesis

The professional thesis, worked on throughout the year and accompanied by methodology lessons, is divided into two distinct parts, each presented before a jury:

  • A research paper on a subject directly related to the content of the course, constructed during the first six months of the curriculum.
  • A professional report prepared during the company assignment, which presents the treatment given to a problem.

Organization of studies

The one-year training course is accessible under student status and runs from October to the end of September. It includes:

  • A 7-month teaching period, from October to April.
  • A full-time activity phase in a company lasting at least 5 months from the end of the teaching period to the end of September, leading to the completion of a professional thesis.

Evaluation methods

The various courses are evaluated by practical work, case studies, reports and oral presentations. An overall evaluation of skills is carried out jointly with the company at the end of the industrial mission during the defense of the professional thesis. The grades obtained allow for the validation of ECTS:

  • 45 for the academic part
  • 30 for the company mission and professional thesis part

Graduation is subject to the acquisition of 75 ECTS.

Application and admission

Academic requirements

People interested in applying to the Advanced Master’s program in Project Management in Industry 4.0 must meet the following academic requirements:

  • Holders of a 5-year university-level diploma (such as a Master of Science, master’s degree or equivalent) in the following fields:
    • Engineering, management, science and technology, medicine and pharmacy, architecture, economy, social sciences…
  • Holders of a 4-year university-level diploma (such as 1st year of a Master of Science, 1st year of a master’s degree, a 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and 3 years of professional experience in the following fields:
    • Engineering, management, science and technology, medicine and pharmacy, architecture, economy, social sciences…

Language requirements

B2 level in French is required for this program. An official certificate is not required (the level is tested during the admissions interview), but is highly appreciated.

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Admission process

Depending on your nationality and your country of residence, you can apply via ITECH Lyon’s platform or via the Études en France platform. For further details on the admission process, please read Admission for international students.

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Study of the application file
    • The admissions committee will first study the admissibility of the application file, on the basis of the applicant’s academic record and project suitability.
  • Admissions interview
    • Applicants whose application files were marked as admissible will afterwards be contacted to schedule an admissions interview (online and in French). The purpose of this interview is to verify that the applicant’s project matches the program’s objectives, and to assess the applicant’s qualities in relation to the profession for which the program prepares.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are €9,000 and can be paid in several installments throughout the year.

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