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Benjamin Jones
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ITECH engineering students have many opportunities to go abroad and internationalize their studies: international experience, mandatory semester abroad, internships, academic exchanges and gap year.

International experiences

At the end of their first year of the engineering program, students and apprentices are required to spend between 6 and 13 weeks abroad. While this is often their first experience abroad outside (not counting tourism), it also enables them to acquire new skills. This international experience enables them to become more autonomous, adapt to an intercultural context and improve their language skills. It can take the form of:

  • Internships
  • Language stay
  • Summer job
  • Humanitarian mission
  • Au pair stay
  • Woofing

Internships abroad

Internships on the student-status engineering program are also an opportunity to gain international experience before graduating. As part of the ITECH engineering curriculum, numerous internships are available, both compulsory and voluntary. All can take place in France or abroad.

Technical internship

At the end of 2nd year, engineering students are required to complete a 2-3 month technical internship.

End-of-studies internship

In 3rd year, engineering students are required to complete a 5-6 month end-of-studies internship (Travail de Fin d’Études in French).

Mobility grants

For European destinations, students can benefit from European ERASMUS+ grants. For “worldwide” destinations, students can benefit from a grant from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the BRMIE. To find out more about eligibility conditions and grant amounts, please see the Mobility grants page.

A question about your mobility project?

If you are planning to go abroad (internship, academic exchange or gap year) or if you are an international student wishing to come to study at ITECH Lyon, do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office.