Employee training

Sophie Devinat formation.continue@itech.fr

ITECH Entreprises’ continuing education offer is based on the school’s areas of expertise. Its teacher-researchers are the trainers. It is the knowledge acquired through their research and teaching activities that is passed on during training sessions.

Customized training and consulting

As your training strategy becomes increasingly specific, we can develop training programs to meet your specific objectives.


We define your objectives together: theory, practice and the program.


At ITECH Lyon or in your company.


The dates and pace of training are defined by mutual agreement.


The cost of the course is per day + travel expenses for the trainers. For pedagogical reasons, it is advisable to limit the number of participants to 10.

Committed to quality

On December 2020, ITECH Entreprises obtained Qualiopi certification issued by ISQ for a period of 4 years.