Key Figures

General Points

  • Over 500 students
  • More than 4,000 graduates
  • 4  majors: Formulation Chemistry (paints, inks, adhesives and cosmetics), Textile Materials, Plastic Materials and Leather
  • Over 300 interns in vocational training each year
  • 16 lecturer-researchers, 9 of whom are Doctorates


  • Over 15 partner universities throughout the world
  • 100% of students have an international experience outside of France (first year internship)
  • 30% of students spend over 6 months abroad for internships

Teaching and research

Over 8,000 m² dedicated to teaching and research

Écully Campus

The Écully campus in the West of Lyon is the main site of ITECH. It possesses 5,700 m2 of facilities, which includes 10 class rooms, 1 amphitheater, 1 library, 2 Vocational Education training rooms and 3000m² of laboratories, the Formulation Chemistry research and teaching platform, the Plastic Materials research platform and the student union (common room and associations).

Roanne Campus

It is located in the Diderot Technopole of Roanne (1h15 from Lyon) and consists in 2,000 m² of facilities: 2 class rooms and a 1,500 m² of laboratories making up the Textile teaching and research platform.

Gerland Site

It is the teaching and research platform for the leather specialty, where students can find class rooms and testing laboratories.

Mermoz Site

This teaching platform is part of the CIRFAP (Interregional Center of Part-Time Training for Plastic Manufacturing). A partnership was put into place between ITECH and CIRFAP to pool together plastic manufacturing machinery in order for students to work with highly efficient life-size tools. 1,500 m² of laboratories and a teaching platform are made available for ITECH.

Come meet us

87 chemin des Mouilles
69130 Écully | (+33) 4 72 18 04 80

Come meet us

87 chemin des Mouilles
69134 Écully, France | (+33) 4 72 18 04 80