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ITECH Lyon has 4 different Advanced Master’s programs:

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Alan Guerrero, International Student Recruitment Officer
Alan Guerrero
International Student Recruitment Officer

What is an Advanced Master’s?

An Advanced Master’s program is a bac +6 type of degree. This means that in order to apply for admission, students must have completed 5 years of university-level studies (exceptions are possible for holders of a 4-year and 3-year degree depending on their background). It is a diploma that is highly appreciated by companies in France.

These programs, accredited by the Conférence des grandes écoles, are open to students, people already carrying out a professional activity, and those wishing to change of activity sector. They enable students to acquire specialized and cross-disciplinary skills in a single year, and are carried out in alternating school/project or in-company assignments. The goal of the Advanced Master’s programs is to allow a quick professional integration at the end of the program.

Application and admission

Admission into one of the 4 Advanced Master’s programs is available through the study of your case file and an interview.

Academic requirements

The academic requirements may differ depending on the Advanced Master’s program that you are interested in applying to. However, the common requirements are:

  • Holders of a 5-year university-level diploma (such as a Master of Science, master’s degree)
  • Holders of a 4-year university-level diploma (such as M1, 1st year of a Master of Science, 1st year of a master’s degree) with 3 years of professional experience
  • Exceptions exist and are specified on the page of each Advanced Master’s program

Language requirements

B2 level in French is required for this program. An official certificate is not required (the level is tested during the admissions interview), but is highly appreciated.

Admission process

Depending on your nationality and your country of residence, you can apply via ITECH Lyon’s platform or via the Études en France platform. For further details on the admission process, please read Admission for international students.

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Study of the application file
    • The admissions committee will first study the admissibility of the application file, on the basis of the applicant’s academic record and project suitability.
  • Admissions interview
    • Applicants whose application file was marked as admissible will afterwards be contacted to schedule an admissions interview (online and in French). The purpose of this interview is to verify that the applicant’s project matches the program’s objectives, and to assess the applicant’s qualities in relation to the profession for which the program prepares.

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