Allocate your apprentiship tax to ITECH

Apprentiship tax

3 good reasons to consider ITECH for your apprenticeship tax allocation

  • Support an institution dedicated to your industry
  • Support a developpment trend through research and globalisation
  • Prepare the future of your company through the training of your future team and management

Given the level of our training, we are qualified to claim apprenticeship tax for the 2 professional categories (totality of the scale): A and B Categories.

Download the Apprenticeship Tax booklet for 2017 (in French)

Open Doors Day

Open Doors Day

The school will be Open for visitors on Saturday the 18th of December from 1pm to 4pm.

The programme :

  • Visit of the laboratories
  • Meeting with students
  • Meeting with teachers
  • Presentation conferences of the school every hour


Company Day

The Company Day will take place on Friday the 25th of November. The aim of this event is to allow ITECH students to discuss with their potential future employers, suppliers, clients…


ITECH has obtained the EESPIG Label (Higher Education Institution for Public Interest certification)

This State Label from the Minister of National Eductional, of Higher Education and of Researc is strong acknowledgement for ITECH, an independent private institute, part of the UGEI group. According to Jérôme Marcilloux, Head of ITECH, it emphasises the role of the school in the teaching environment and consolidates the trust that our students, partner companies and federations have in us.

​This certification will be followed by the signing of a contract between the State and the Institution which will commit to implement programs answering to national priorities.

The committee most noticeably appreciated the rate of scholarship recipients and the strong ties with industry.

To evaluate the Public Interest of schools, the commission based itself on evaluations from the High Council Assessment of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) and from the Commission of Engineering Degrees (CTI from which ITECH obtained the maximum certification duration for the next 6 years), as well as the Advisory Committee for Private Higher Education (CCESP).

Visit the School

Visit the School

You didn’t manage to attend the Open Doors Day?

There is always time to visit the school from Mondays to Fridays by appointment.

Contact : Vanessa Mondoloni : 04 72 18 04 80