Apprenticeship tax

Given our level of teaching, we are elligible to benefit from the apprenticeship tax for the 2 following professional categories: category A (level III, IV, V) and category B (level I and II).

Taxe d’apprentissage


Open Doors Day and Fairs

ITECH will open its doors to the public on Saturday the 16th of December from 9am to 4pm and on Saturday the 17th of March from 1pm to 4pm. Come visit our premises and meet the teaching staff and students in order to discover the school.

Meet us at one of the following the Grandes Ecoles de Lyon Student Fairs over the coming months:

At the Double Mixte for the Studyrama Grandes Ecoles de Lyon on the 11/11/2017

At the Cité International for the Salon des Grandes Ecoles de Commerce et d’Ingénieurs on the 18/11/2017

At the Salon de l’Etudiant from the 19th to the 21st of January 2018 at Eurexpo.

And at the Mondial des Métiers from the 1st to the 4th of February 2018 at Eurexpo.


Klaxoon to wake up students!

Thanks to this new web service, lecturers can interact with students in order to assess if they have correctly understood and assimilated the content of lessons. A means to stimulate and to “make everyone move at the same pace”.


How to insure that the information taught has been correctly assimilated by the students? For the lecturer, there is never a straight forward answer. Between those who are shy, those who don’t want to show that they don’t understand, those who wrongly think they already have the right answer and those who simply don’t care, you can end up with a real loss in terms of knowledge transfer. This acknowledgement did not elude a young ITECH professor, Sébastien Braconnot: “being a school alumni, I’m also fully aware of this fact and I seek to find solutions in order to address the issue”. It’s for precisely this reason that he has taken an interest innovative numerical teaching formats in order to avoid the more traditional ones. Once he became a lecturer and had to build his own lessons and choose teaching methods, he took an interest in Klaxoon and its interactive animation meeting “box”. This new numerical concept is quite savvy: as the box generates its own wifi network, you can immediately connect to the web service wherever you are and are completely free to organise interactive work sessions. Thanks to a “magnifying” system which transforms any screen into a work support, the device is completely interactive. Anyone can then share and exchange information to his or her liking straight from their smartphone or computer: display a presentation, participate in an exercise, answer a quizz, give an opinion.

A means to move forward together

For Sébastien Braconnot, the concept is a precious interactive tool for a professor in regards to his students: “at any moment during my lesson I can interact with the students in order to see if they have understood all the topics. I can canvass the class by organising a quiz, by asking a particular student a question, by launching a vote and directly obtaining an answer. Thanks to real time information, I can immediately see if the classroom is following the lesson, if someone is finding it difficult to understand and, in that case, which subjects need to be seen in more detail.” This feedback is important for him: “it not only allows you to define the content, but also the rhythm of teaching to allow everyone to advance at the same pace.” The tool is interesting as it permits to get feedback at any moment, including those following the session online. Klaxoon is a means to stimulate the student: instead of suffering the lesson, he intervenes, interacts, exchanges ideas, gives remarks and ideas that lead to a debate. The tool allows the student to dig through his or her knowledge since they can go through the content of the lessons that were created previously. Sébastien Braconnot is thinking of using the concept in regards to a new lesson on sealant: “thanks to a Brainstorming functionality of the Box, I will be able to put together my lesson with the help of the students. Thanks to the “cloud” (containing quizzes, polls, photos,…) displayed on the “virtual wall”, he will be able to assess their knowledge and put together a lesson adapted to their expectations. Besides Mr Braconnot (Klaxoon reference person), 2 other school lecturers are experimenting with this new teaching approach at the start of the term: Mathieu la Rochette and Sébastien Mehlen.

Express recruitment is proving to be working!

More and more companies are coming to the school for the Job dating event which allows them to quickly recrute young engineers.

30 or so companies looking for skilled engineers meeting a hundred freshly graduated students. Such ins the principle of the “Job dating” event which took place on the 7th of September at ITECH. Even if the interviews only last 10 minutes, it’s enough for the recruiter to get an idea, as explains Hugues Pichon, Head of Projectswithin the LVMH Métiers d’Art group: “everything is prepared in advanced by the school so as the company and the student can talk straight away about to the most important points”. In order for the recruiters to be able to go through a relevant pre-selection of students that they wish to meet, they have the possibility of looking at their profiles on the “Career Center Job Teaser” school platform. In the same way, thanks to this site, future graduates can get information on the job offers available. The result: as the students  presenting themselves to the recruiters have the right profile and the latter have already read their CV, this makes for an efficient and fruitful discussion”. For Pierre Schell, Head of Nouvion, a company specialised in industrial paints, the Job dating event is a means to assess the candidates personalities: “it’s true you can get a first impression of a candidate through their CV, but that is not enough. Nothing is better than direct contact in order to evaluate the candidates capabilities in working in a team, taking initiatives, leading a development project”. Having come to the school with the idea of recruiting a young engineer to reinforce her R&D department, Isabelle Bergerot of Altus Coating, a company specialised in technical and decorative varnishes, doesn’t regret having made the journey: “the graduates I met have exactly the type of profiles we are interested in and I find that they are easy to talk to. At the end of the day, we will consider the different applicants and contact some of them from then on out”. Even if some companies directly recruit engineers on the spot, most of them use the event to pre-select profiles that are of interest to them. Afterwards, they contact them again in order to do more in dept interviews. In this way, the Job dating event represents an interesting opportunity for young engineers. Freshly graduated Nassim El Fatnassi, appreciated being able to meet Hughes Pichon of LVMH Métiers d’Art as he is fascinated by leather manufacturing. He left satisfied: “thanks to this encounter, I’m much more familiar with the job opening. I was able to explain my educational background, go into details in regards to my CV and show my motivation to the recruter.”


Thanks to this Job dating, Nassim El Fatnassi was able to enlighten Hughues Pichon of LVMH Métiers d’Arts on his training and obtain details about the offer.

ITECH/ EM Lyon Double Diploma

ITECH and EM Lyon have come together to offer ITECH engineers the opportunity of studying for the joint Double Diploma  « Business mediation » .

Selected students will join the EM Business School program for 2 semesters These 2 extra semesters in their training semesters will allow them to acquire dual competency in engineering and in management, skills which are much sought after by companies.

Details of this new program will be put online soon.