Admission for foreign students

Steps and calendar

Non-European Union students

Find out early on in the admission process (before end of January for more headway) about steps to take with your Centre for Studies in France (CEF) or your country:

This step is mandatory in order to apply for a visa. Certain CEFs have a deadline for registration, often at the end of the calendar year.

Calendar of Admissions for Foreign students

  • Turning in of the registration file and CEF registration number: 30th of April
  • Admissions Jury: 14th of April (Prior admission application: DAP)
  • Confirmation of admissibility by mail and by CEF: 31st of May
  • Official validation by the admissions jury: mid-July
  • Beginning of term: mid-September

For all foreign students

In collaboration with the other IPL schools, ITECH can offer classes for French as a foreign language: 1 intensive session of 3 to 5 days at the beginning of the semester and 2 hour per week during the semester. These lessons may be mandatory depending on the level.

Admission level

  • For prépa Bellevue – ITECH: equivalent to the scientific baccalaureate
  • For the engineering training: we require at least a Bachelors in Chemistry (Engineering Science or Technology). Depending the training and skills acquired, if you have done:
    • 3 years of studies (ex: Bachelors…): enrollment in 1st Year of the engineering cycle
    • 4 years of studies (ex: Bachelors + 1 year of Masters…): enrollment in 2nd Year of the engineering cycle

The admission jury studies each file individually.

  • For Technical Manager course: equivalent to 2 years of scientific university studies.
  • For the Specialized Mastère in Innovation: Must possess a Masters in Science (5 years of university studies) or 4 years of studies with a professional experience of at least 3 years.

*Language skills required for admission in Engineering:

French: no specific level required for admission into the English-taught program, but by the end of the degree, minimum required level for French as a Foreign language exams are: TCF (level 3), TEF (361 to 540 – intermediate ), DELF (B1), level B1 within the Common European Frame of References for languages CEFR).

English: before entering, English level will be tested by admissions and international team; for graduation level required: B2 within the Common European Frame of References for languages (CEFR).

Application form

To apply to study at ITECH, please fill out the application form. This form is for foreign students who are not already in France for their studies.

For French students, or international students who are already in France, the form to use can be found here.

Useful info


ITECH does not have university rooms but you can rent rooms in numerous university residences in Lyon through

You should count between €330 and €450/month for a university room and around €400 for a studio. You can benefit from financial assistance for housing from the State (ALS or APL) (See “aide au logement” on the site of CAF of Lyon in French).

Living expenses

Between €300 and €400 per month (public transport, food…). You must also subscribe to the student social security network for an insurance: minimum amount is 213€/year.

Complementary insurance: between €7 and €35/month.

Housing insurance and mandatory civil liability: €30/year.

This approximates to a budget of around €800/month, with a first month at around €1000 (rent deposit…).

Visit campus France for typical living fees.