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A Engineering School's know-how at the service of the industry.
ITECH Lyon offers numerous contractual services for companies: Research & Development, Vocational Training (catalogue or on demand), counselling...
Thanks to our Presta+ by ITECH, you can entrust your R&D mission to an engineer supervised by ITECH Lyon in all confidentiality!

Recrute a young engineer

Apprenticeship Tax

Contribute to our teaching: invest in our training and in your future collaborators!

Over 500 companies trust our programs and attribute to us their apprenticeship tax!

Taking into account the level of our training, we are authorized to receive apprenticeship tax for the 2 professional categories: category A (level III, IV, V) and category B (level I and II).

Thanks to these companise, we were able to:

  • Develop our training programs
  • Invest in new teaching equipment
  • Develop our international activities

A word from the Head of the School, Jérôme Marcilloux

J. Marcilloux

Designed and updated by experts, our training is aimed towards job techniques (bases, expertise and regulation changes) and on managing innovation projects. Our presence in companies through ITECH jobs, teaching (internships, apprenticeships) R&D and vocational training for many years allows us to stay at the centre of your everyday issues.