The ITECH library offers 16 500 documents:

  • 11 000 periodicals of which 60 are subscriptions and 134 titles concerning the following subjects: Paints, coatings and surface treatment, inks, adhesives, general chemistry, rheology, polymer chemistry, plastic materials and composites, textiles, leather health-safety and working conditions, biotechnologies, economy and live of businesses, languages (English, Spanish, German…), general information revues, general science, social sciences.
  • 2000 monographs (lessons, exercises, annals, conventions, directories, …)
  • 750 French and international norms96 encyclopaedic collections
  • 1400 Final Year Reports of engineering and specialised masters students
  • 212 thesis’s
  • 75 multimedia documents.

big library
To these documents we can also add instruction sheets, toxicology sheets and security information sheets in order that all users of chemical substances can always be at their disposal.

Collections are continuously updated through acquiring new documents.

An intranet portal for various intranet and internet links  allow students to diversify their research and to expose them to other teaching resources (online library catalogues, scientific article data base, encyclopaedic indexes, French and international patents, translation sites, new purchases, scientific reports, how to write bibliographies).

Agreements were signed so as students could work with the library’s of the IFTH (the French Institute of Textile and Clothing) and the CTC (the Technical Leather Centre), in order to do bibliography research in these fields.