Preparatory class PCSI

ITECH offers the possibility to candidates of a “course with guaranteed access to ITECH” through bridge Preparatory class (Prépa Passerelle) which would allow the candidate to:

  • Enrol into ITECH without going through a competition (continual assesment)
  • Whilst still having the he possibility of enrolling into other engineering schools through a competition
  • Or to apply via Parcours Sup

2 Schools propose these Bridge Preparatory courses:

Lycée Assomption Bellevue (Lyon) :

Lycée St Denis (Annonay) :

Organization of studies


Prepares students for the competition to enter Engineering Schools (Grandes Ecoles). Courses in French

Passerelle ITECH proposes direct entry into ITECH engineering school through case file and interview.


Admission is done through the study of the student’s file records of results obtained in the last 2 years of Secondary School (1ère and Terminale), from recommendations of last year professors and of the Head of the School.

Your registration must go through the parcours sup portal::

You must choose the Assomption Bellevue lycée (Lyon) or the Lycée St Denis (Annonay): classe préparatoire PCSI.


preparaty class programme