ITECH rheological equipment 2020


ITECH is equipped with a twin-bore capillary rheometer RH2200 (Malvern Instruments). This tool allows to measure rheological behaviour, even at high shear rates. The accessible range can go from 10-2 to 105 s-1 and can allow to simulate injection and extrusion conditions (example of curve below).

This device allows to attains speeds of up to 600 mm/min for oven temperatures going from room to 400°C (with a precision < ± 0,1°C). The pressure sensor range allows to measure from 3,5 to 70 MPa (with a precision < 0,5%).

Thanks to the twin-bore, it is possible to obtain rheological curves directly corrected and useable (Bagley correction, Rabinowitsch) for the shear and elongation behaviour.

We are equipped with :

  • 0,5 ; 1 and 2 mm radius capillaries with L/D ratios of 0 and 16, and entrance angles of 180° and 90° (for fibre material)
  • mouthpiece pistons with joints for fluid products
  • a control over atmospheric conditions for tests in an inert environment purged with nitrogen.

courbes rheomtre

In the case of services, this rheometer is available for industrials tests.