Partner Universities

Many of partner universities throughout the world can take ITECH students on for academic exchanges.

Semesters in Asia:

We are partners with Asia Exchange, an organization which proposes academic semesters in a number of universities in Asia (and elsewhere). Come to the international office for more information or see Asia Exchange’s website.

In Place


Hochschule Reutlingen / Germany (1975)

Bilateral agreement: student exchange Erasmus Textile Department 2nd Semester, 2nd Year

Hochshuhle Niederrhein / Germany (2012)

Chemistry department, foreseeable exchanges in Formulation

Bolton Institute / Great Britain (2000)

ERASMUS agreement (for End of Studies internship). ERASMUS exchange 2008.

London College of Fashion / Great Britain

Possibility of doing a semester in Cosmetics, for a sandwich year. No ECTS validation as it concerns a Bachelor program.

The University of Northampton: British school of Leather Technology

Student exchanges : possibility of student exchanges through ERASMUS for 1 school Year: Leather major.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia / Spain (2000)

Agreement in regards to the Leonardo project of Challenge ITECH (taking on students for their End of Studies internship). ERASMUS agreement with IGUALADA School for Leather (1 year exchange) at Terrassa for the Textile major and in Barcelona for the 1st semester of 2nd Year (Polymers).

Technology University and Design of Saint-Petersburg / Russia (1993)

Bilateral agreement. Student and professor exchange, research cooperation. Academic exchange 2nd semester, 2nd Year Textile. English program with a fashion orientation. Creation of a French section since 2000.

Swedish School of Textile /University of Boras/ Sweden

ERASMUS agreement for academic exchanges in Textile.


Eastern Michigan University / USA (2004)

Bilateral agreement: student and professor exchange (9 students have gone there since 2005 within a company and within the university’s research center) : of interest for students looking for a PhD .

Case Western Reserve, University, Engineering  Ohio / USA

Polymer and polymer manufacturing specialization: laboratory internship possibilities (inters in 2013).

Shawnee University / Ohio

Plastic manufacturing specialization: semester exchange or for laboratory internship (intern in 2012).

University La Salle / Mexico

Agreement for welcoming Biochemist students in the Cosmetic Laboratory.

Federal University of Santa Catherina / Brazil (Polymer department)

Welcoming student in the Cosmetic laboratory.


Higher Technology and Management School of Sonadezi / Vietnam (2002)

Bachelor’s level (3 years in University) teaching trainers and engineering for Shoes/Clothing, allowing to recruit better candidates graduating in 2009.

University of FUKUI / Japan (2000)

Bilateral agreement. Professor and student exchange.

Several students go to Japan to follow a Chemistry program and learn Japanese for a year (sandwich year between 2nd and 3rd Year Engineering). Textile major, Polymers, materials.

HuaDong University of Sciences and Technology / China (2005) ECUST

Bilateral agreement: Professor and student exchange (FGL agreement)

North Africa

INSAT – National School of Applied Sciences of Tunis – Tunisia

Student exchange for an laboratory internship and Summer School.

2iE School

Student exchange for End of Year studies with the aim of promoting local materials in cosmetic.