Services proposed to students

In the International Relations office,
we offer these services:

CV, Cover Letter and Professional Aspirations

Do you need help with your professional project, with your CV, your cover letters or the choice of a destination? Let us help you!

International Experiences: Internships, Academic Exchanges

We help students find their dream internships in companies, in universities or in schools for their international experience or for their immersion/gap year. We follow their process while they are seeking an internship, help them and are available for all the questions our students may have concerning internships and stays abroad.

Housing Service

We are aware that looking for a place to live may be stressful, specially if you are in another country. Therefore, we offer all of our students an accommodation service.

This service is active from mid-June to September to help you find a place to live. 80% of students find accommodation through our housing service. Most of them are housed in Ecully, where you can find studios, flat sharing and so on.

The service can receive you every day from mid-June to September by appointment. For students who are coming for interview, make the most of your visit at ITECH by meeting Ms. Florence Mini.

International Environment

We aim to develop and expand the number of foreign students as well as the number of ITECH students who go abroad.