Testimonies from students

Some students who went on Erasmus stays or on academic exchange programs proposed by ITECH have given their feedback:

“Being able to speak Spanish almost fluently and being able to know all the technical vocabulary of leather is a great advantage (…) In Spain, the training is much more focused on tanneries. (…)”
– Diane, 3rd Year Leather, Class of 2014, Spain

“It gave me the desire to work in a company present throughout the world.”
– Chloé, Textile major, Class of 2012, Sweden 

“The experience of travelling brings a larger open-mindedness and sense of organization (…) to observe and to learn about a new culture can be very useful when dealing with client/supplier relations.”
– Agathe, Textile major, Class of 2014 + Sandwich Year , Russia and Italy

“It allowed me to be more tolerant and to not judge without having tried to understand and learn about others.”
– Cécilia, Textile major, Class of 2015, Russia –

“I developed a good, solid network of great quality (…) it is very important for a future career.”
– Pauline, Textile major, Class of 2015 + Sandwich Year, Russia and Germany

“It brought be great understanding of leather and solid bases in this specialty.”
– Horthense, Leather, Class of 2012, Spain