MS Eng taught in English

Organization of studies

ITECH, a member of the Conférence des Grandes écoles, trains engineers. The ITECH training, certified by the Commission of Engineering Titles, focuses on 4 majors:

  • Formulation Chemistry: Paints, Inks, Adhesives, Cosmetics
  • Plastic Materials
  • Textile Materials
  • Leather


Several statuses are proposed:

Student status

Students follow a core curriculum in 1st Year, choose one of the 4 majors for the following 2 years. The choice of majors depends on the rank of the student and his or her preferences, as well as the number of places for each major.

Apprenticeship status

Apprentices are employees once the apprenticeship contract is signed. The alternation company/school allows apprentices to obtain professional experience over the 3 years of studies (1/3 in school, 2/3 in company). The apprentice receives a scientific and technical training of each of the 4 majors, and completes his or her specialization through the experience in the company. This training course is managed by and financed by the Center of Apprenticeship Training (CFA) of each professional branch concerned:

CIRFAP (Plastic Manufacturing)IFAIP (Chemistry)CFA Regional Textile (textile and leather).


Mandatory internships under the student status:

  • End of 1st Year : 6 week minimum International Experience (June – August)
  • End of 2nd Year: 8 week minimum Engineering internship (June – August)
  • End of 3rd Year: 5 month minimum End of Studies Internship (March – August)

Application and Admission

ADMISSION into Preparatory classes BELLEVUE ITECH (BAC)

ADMISSION into 1st year of engineering under the student status (BAC + 2)

Preparatory classes for Engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs)


  • MP
  • PC
  • PT
  • TPC

Inscription on the site

Competion procedures Concours E3A for MP-PC candidates: see the site

Competion procedures Concours Banque PT for PT candidates: see the site

Competion procedures Concours Commun Polytechnique for TPC candidates: see the site

Preparatory classes FGL (Fédération Gay Lussac)

Students from specific FGL preparatory classes (Rennes, Lille, Clermont-Ferrand, Pau, Strasbourg) enroll into an FGL school following their list of choices and their rank.

Study of file (case file + interview)

People concerned:

  • 3-year bachelor’s degree for admission into 1st year or or 4-year degree for admission into 2nd year
  • DUT chemistry, chemistry engineering, GMP, SGM, Physic Measurements…
  • Preparatory class PC Bellevue (ITECH partner)
  • BTS linked to ITECH majors (chemistry, plastic manufacturing…)

There is a specific application calendar for non-European students between January and the end of April. For French or other European students, files are filled in on the ITECH site before the end of May, a motivational interview takes place between mid-June and beginning of July, and the jury takes place mid-July.

Contact us for more specific information.

ADMISSION in 1st Year Engineering under the Apprenticeship status (BAC +2)

Enrollment in this training under apprenticeship status is reserved to those admitted by study of file. Admission criteria are identical to those under the student status (case file + motivational interview) but the deadline of application, of sending the file, of the interview and of the jury happen earlier in order to allow candidates to find a company before the start of term.

Files are filled in on the ITECH site before mid-March. Interviews take place on Saturday morning’s end of March or beginning of April. The jury takes place mid-April.

Remark: if you are admitted but haven’t signed an apprenticeship contract (no company, quota of places available attained…) your admission is still valide for enrollment under the student status in 1st Year at ITECH.

ADMISSION in 2nd year engineering cycle (BAC + 4)

Study of file (case file + interview)

People concerned:

  • M1 (1st Year of Masters) in Chemistry or equivalent
  • 4 year bachelor degree in Chemistry or equivalent

Files are filled in on the ITECH site before the end of May. Interviews take place between mid June and beginning of July. The jury takes place beginning of July.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees (annual contribution) are set by the board of directors. The cost is €7800 per year for students enrolling in 2022. Tuition fees can be paid in several installments throughout the year.

Tuition fees for apprentice students are covered at 100% by companies from the Apprentice Training Centers (CFA).

Payments can be done on a monthly basis by bank transfer or in 3 payments over the school year. Students can benefit from CROUS grants under common conditions, from regional grants or from loans (the school has partnerships with certain banks that propose special offers).


All four of ITECH’s majors are taught in English or French: Formulation Chemistry, Plastic Materials, Textile Materials and Leather Materials.

Formulation Chemistry MAjor

Formulation Chemistry allows for the creation of complex combinations of polymer solutions in order to create adhesives, inks, paints, cosmetics and other formulated products. This field finds its applications in the heart of everyday life. The job opportunities for a chemical engineer in formulation are vast: in upstream production with raw material and chemical product companies, within the conception-manufacturing units, and in down-stream industries using the products (transport, packaging).

Program ITECH – Formulation chemistry (Oct 2021)

Plastic materials major

ITECH distinguishes itself from other chemistry schools through its engineers’ mastering of creating materials in manufacturing facilities and in conceiving parts, on top of his or her knowledge of plastic materials. The ITECH plastic manufacturing engineer develops his or her skills with those of his or her companions of the other specialties: formulation chemistry with the coating of materials with colors; associations with textiles creating composites used in the leisure field. From health and safety to the aeronautical industry via the packaging, automotive and sporting industries, a large number of sectors make use of plastic engineering, working as much with suppliers of raw materials, as with “formulators” and plastic materials users.

Program ITECH – Plastic Materials (Oct 2021)

Textile materials major (TECHNIcal and functional)

The training offered at ITECH is fully adapted to the needs of the textile sector. It’s based on the chain supply functioning for all jobs linked to textiles (textile material chemistry, spinning, milling and texturisation, weaving, knitting, non-woven dyeing, printing and finishing) and for all other applications (clothing, furnishing, technical textiles).

The skills are developed through teaching in close collaboration with companies located in the technological hub of Roanne.

Program ITECH – Textile (Oct 2021)

Leather major

ITECH is the only institute in the world delivering engineering degrees in Leather Manufacturing, for tanneries and taweries and their uses (shoes and leather goods). The ITECH Leather Engineer’s craft revolves around transforming the raw skin into leather, bringing to it the essential part of its added value. Lab and practical work dominate the program and there are numerous qualities that are required: observation, feel, the “look”, sense of practicality, rigorous, sense of aesthetic. He or she works in large chemical firms, in tanneries, taweries, in user (leather goods and shoes manufacturers…). The leather market extends worldwide and requires extreme mobility, multitasking and adaptability.

Program ITECH – Leather (Oct 2021)


itech students engineers

Graduated ITECH engineers occupy positions in research and development, as heads of production, as heads of quality management, as sales managers…

Our 1st employment service has a three-fold objective:

  • Giving information, counselling and following the steps linked to employing each young graduate up until signing the contract,
  • Giving information, promoting and helping employment for graduates through recruitment agencies and industrials,
  • Promotion et partnerships with institutions (APEC…).

The Association of ITECH Alumni regroups all the graduated engineers.

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