DSC 8000 Perkin Elmer


A DSC device (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) allows to show thermal transitions (glass, melt, crystallisation and cross-linkage transitions) within materials found through various fields (paints, adhesives, composites, textile fibres phamaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuff…).

Our new DSC 8000 from Perkin Elmer is a double oven with hyper DSC 2nd generation technology. It consist in a power compensating DSC allowing for a gain in precision. Small scale intensity phenomena can be analysed on small sized samples. Thermal transitions and associated enthalpies between -70 and 750°C are measured with high precision. It allows to identify polymers (Tg, Tm, Tc), cross-linking rates, etc, with highly reliable results.

A 750°C/min heating speed permits to reproduce transformation processes (plastic manufacturing process simulations, cooling of hot-melt adhesives,…). In general, the DSC 8000 allows to obtain a good cartographie of the properties, the structure and of the performances of the materials analysed.

If you would like to acquire a better understanding and analysis of physical chemistry phenomena linked to your materials and/or processes, ITECH can accompany you within the framework of service analyses.