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By donating to ITECH, you are helping to promote social mobility, as the aspirations of our collectively is to encourage young students coming from modest households to undertake engineering studies.

We practice social open-mindedness when possible. In order to do so, we have funds reserved to students with excellent academic levels, whose financial situation is or is becoming precarious during their studies. These funds are partially supplied by ITECH alumni. We strongly thank them for their contributions.

Thanks to its students and alumni, ITECH pursues its development projects and strategic axes through:

  • The internationalization of the programs
  • The development of entrepreneurship
  • The training of leaders in innovation

Whether you’re a representative of a company, or an individual, you can considerably contribute by becoming a donor.

As a non-profit higher education establishment, we are qualified to receive donations from companies and individuals (donations which are deductable from taxes on firms for companies – article 238 bis c. – and from income taxes for individuals – article 230 c.).

We count on you and are available for any questions!

Contact: Jean-Christophe Laurensis