A century old institution

itech 120 years

In 1899, the French School of Tannery opened its doors to its first students. 120 years later, in favour of merges and insightful developments, the School of Tannery became ITECH Lyon, an Engineering school specialised in polymers and training over 500 students per year.

With the professional expertise of the schools that made up its identity, ITECH managed to successfully harness the synergy of its teaching and the close ties it still maintains with industry.

To celebrate its anniversary, ITECH Lyon organized on the 18th of October 2019 a gathering with those who’ve participated in its construction and to its recognition (alumni, federations, industrialists, institutions), but also those who continue the backing to this day and its future endeavours.

gathering 120 years itech

Birth from an union

itech jean jaures building

ITECH Lyon comes from the merging in 1988 of ESITL and EFT, 2 higher level education establishments created from the initiative of industrials.

ESITL (The School of Textile Industries of Lyon), was founded in 1840, materializing the great tradition of Lyon silk manufacturing.

EFT (The French School of Tannery), created in 1899 was a branch of the Industrial Chemistry Institute of the University of Lyon in the fields of Leather and Plastic Manufacturing (with the CNAM) before acquiring the department of Paints, Inkks and Adhesives in 1969, and becoming in 1983 the ESCPEA, The School of Leather, Paints, Inks and Adhesives.

The absorption of ESITL in 1988 gave rise to ITECH Lyon and brought about the creation of the department of Textiles.

Having kept the professional expertise of its two founding institutions, ITECH Lyon has successfully been able to make the most in associating its teaching and strong partnerships with industry that it has maintained over the years. One of its assets is an ever-evolving education, of which the curriculums systematically integrate new tools and technological developments.

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