Company Day

Meetings between School and Companies

Each year, ITECH organizes a company day whose goal is to bring students closer to the professional world and allow them to establish a first contact with the job market.

During this day, over 50 industrials come to talk about their activities, their jobs, their companies…

Each company has a stand. The industrials can also propose to do conferences: “engineering abroad,” “engineering in R&D,” “engineering in production,” “industrial patents”…

The richness of this day comes from the fact that industrials occupy various positions: quality control, head of development, head of human resources, technical-commercial, head of R&D…

Labor psychologists are also present and propose role playing games for recruitment interviews.

This day is part of numerous events organized by ITECH over the curriculum for meetings between students and industrials. These exchanges allow future graduates to build their professional project.

This day takes place end of November. If you wish to participate, please contact Vanessa Mondolini.

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