Alternating between classes at the school and work in a company allows the apprentice to acquire an industrial experience over 3 years (1/3 in school and 2/3 in a company).

The apprentice receives scientific and technical training that applies to the 4 majors of the school and completes his specialization through work experience in a company.

Students are employees once they have signed their contracts and are exempt from tuition fees. This training is managed from an administrative and a financial aspect by the Centres for Apprenticeship Training (CFA) of each professional branch concerned.

CIRFAP Plastic ManufacturingCFA ChemistryCFA Textile

The apprentice engineer is followed by an academic tutor from ITECH who supports him or her in acquiring knowledge, and an industrial tutor in the company who supports him or her in discovering his future job.

An apprenticeship contract can be signed between the ages of 18 and 25.

Specialised Mastere

Possible training under:

  • Professionalization contract alternating 3 days in a company with 2 days of courses at ITECH, with financing of tuition (OPCA financing) and remuneration of participants by the company.
  • Professionnalisation period:  for employees in a company, this mastere can be part of continuous assessment training (FONGECIF, DIF, Training Plan).

500 hours of training

Technical manager in cosmetics and formulated coloured products

Professionalization contract, Fongecig… from 10 to 12 months

Professional Bachelors in Technical and Functional Textiles (co-authorized with UCBL1)

Professionalization contract: alternation over 13 months from September to September: 19 weeks in the training center (640h) and 37 weeks in a company (1295 hours).