Apprenticeship Tax

Apprenticeship tax

contribute to our teaching:
invest in our training and in your future collaborators!

Over 500 companies trust our programs and attribute to us their apprenticeship tax!

Thanks to these companies, we have been able to:

  • Develop our training programs
  • Invest in new teaching equipment
  • Expand our international missions

Taking into account the level of our training, we are authorized to receive apprenticeship tax for the 2 professional categories: category A (level III, IV, V) and category B (level I and II).

By giving your apprenticeship tax to ITECH, you contribute to the evolution of our training programs and become a privileged partner:

  • You have access to CVs of our young graduates
  • You benefit from help in recruiting thanks to our employment service
  • You can represent your company during the company day
  • Propose internships
  • Propose research subject studies
  • Help HR in training their managers

How to proceed?

To attribute your aPprenticeship tax to ITECH (before the 28th of February)

Contact you preferred collector distributor organism and of the AT (OCTA) specify on the slip the information of the school: ITECH Lyon, 87 chemin des Mouilles – 69134 Eculy cedex

Beneficiary establishment: ITECH LYON

Concerned categories: A et B

Code UAI : 0693364G