Tuition Fees

Tuition fees (annual contribution to the cost of training) are fixed by the Board of Directors.

Tuition fees
for 2022 start of term are:

Engineering Master Degree

For our Engineering Master Degree, the tuition fees are 7,800 € per year.

Tuition fees for the apprentices are taken into account at 100% by the companies through the CFAs.

Technical manager

For the Technical manager in Cosmetics and Colored Formulated Products, the tuition fees are 5,000 €

Specialised Master

under a Professionalization contract

The cost of the training under the alternation regime (professionalization contract) and in vocational training is 12,000 € for the year (paid by the OPCA and the company).

student status

The cost of the training is fixed at 8,000 € for the student status.

Can I pay in several installments?

Of course! Tuition fees can be paid on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis by bank transfer.