Key dates


Opening of the pre-registrations site: mid-January

Deadline for pre-registration engineering: beginning of March (1st admissions jury) / end of May (2nd admissions jury)

Motivational interview for engineering: March (1st admissions jury) / mid-June (2nd admissions jury)

Jury engineers: beginning of April (1st admissions jury) / mid-June (2nd admissions jury)

If you are interested for the apprenticeship status (only available for French-speaking students), you can also submit your application for the 2nd admissions jury. You will be able to sign an apprenticeship contract if there are places available after this admissions jury.

Technical manager

Technical manager in cosmetics and coloured formulated products

Opening of the pre-registration site: mid-January

Deadline for pre-registration: 25th of May

Motivational interviews: 30th to 31st of May

Jury: June