Incoming Students

Who can apply for an exchange period at ITECH?


Every student enrolled in a higher education structure can apply  upon certain conditions :

You must have completed a Bachelor in Chemistry to apply for one of the specialties taught at ITECH.

Warning: Candidates must be nationals from one of the 31 countries  enrolled. (30 countries of the European Economic Area, Turkey)

Either: Have a resident card  valid 10 years
Or: Being attributed  the politic refugee  or stateless  status


  • Contact ITECH International Office:
  • Complete ITECH application form, learning agreement : Guide-for-Incoming-Students
  • Attach a motivation letter: you should motivate your choice of our school and show that you are fully involved in the project.
  • Students must have a B2 level in French before their arrival ( European language levels)
  • Deadlines for application: All the documents have to be sent either by ordinary post, e-mail or fax  by June 15th for winter semester applications and  by December 1st for summer semester applications



What are the housing options when arriving to study at ITECH?

  • There is a service at ITECH which provides help the newly arrived students for the accomodation search :
  • There are CROUS accomodations (university accomodation services) CROUS Housing website
  • Private residence

Housing insurance

An accomodation insurance is compulsory. You can subscribe to one of these fixed price insurance plans by contacting private insurance companies. This type of insurance also includes civil liability, which covers damages you may cause to other individuals in case you have an accident.

Note: It is also possible to subscribe to other types of complementary insurance: vehicle insurance, repatriation insurance…


Students who are not nationals from the European Economic Area, aged under 28 on the 1st of October and who follow a training course that exceeds 3 months are automatically affiliated to the student insurance of Social security.
This subscription is made when a student registers in a higher education institution and costs around 200€. Students that have a government scholarship might be exonerated from these subscription fees.

If you are over 28 years old, you must register directly to the Social Security via the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’assurance Maladie) agency located near your accommodation. A list of those agencies is available here :
European economic Area Students and Swiss students are automatically affiliated, as long as they possess a European health insurance card (CEAM), valid for the whole university year.

If you plan to stay less than 3 months you must subscribe to health insurance via a private company. Prices may vary from 150 to 550 € per year.
More information on companies offering insurances: ,


National long term visa, residence permit – student (VLS,TS)

First you must go to:

All non EEA nationals must obtain a long-stay visa to study in France, when they’re staying more than 3 months. You can apply for a visa in the French Consulate or French Embassy of your country.

This visa may be delivered to foreign students wishing to continue their studies in a higher education institution for a period that exceeds 3 months. This visa is recognized as a residence permit for its whole validity period, as long as it was accepted and signed by the OFFI (French office for immigration and integration). To get it signed, you just have to contact them as soon as you arrive in France.

The visa application procedure starts when the student obtains a certificate establishing that he/she is accepted in a higher education structure.

PS: we advise you to apply for a visa as soon as you can and, in any case, at least two months before courses start.

Long Term Visa « Teaching and research »

This visa is aimed at people who obtained a Master’s degree or equivalent, who are coming to France in order to conduct research projects or to teach University courses for doctorates, lecturers… This visa is recognized as a residence permit as long as it is signed by the OFII It allows its owner to conduct research projects and it is valid 1 year. It may be renewed.

Note:  A tax of around €300 is asked for it to be delivered. It can be renewed for more than one year and up to 4 years, but not more. This title allows the holder’s family members to come along.

Schengen short-term Visa

For those who plan to stay less than 3 months.

This visa is delivered according to the communitarian code and allows its owner to stay in France without a residence permit, under 3 months of stay.

This visa cannot be renewed. This visa cannot be changed into a student visa, unless the student goes back to his/her country.

All students wishing to take language classes or any other short-term training may apply for this visa.

The  “Competitive examination – Student” Visa

This visa is delivered to students that are taking examination or an interview in a higher education structure. If the student is accepted, he/she can apply for a 1 year residence permit, without going back to his/her country.

This permit is renewable at the prefecture (administrative center).