Joel G.

I was a student at ITECH (promotion 95). The education I received during my two years there, was of high quality and allowed me to maintain a high standard of work and to be valued by my managers.

I got my first job with Rhodia where I had done my ITECH training period. The knowledge acquired during my two years at ITECH allowed me to make a good impression and following this training period, I was offered a position on their Manchester site.

But ITECH offered me much more than a good education: its reputation and alumni opened door for me when looking for new jobs. Even in the UK, where I spent most of my working life so far, the ITECH name was fairly well known in the paint industry. On several occasions during the recruitment process, I was given preference for being an ITECH qualified student.

I am now working in a global position within the Beckers-Group, and although hard work and opportunities are some big factors in reaching this level, I probably wouldn’t be where I am now without the network acquired through ITECH.