Frédéric F

In 1995, during his last year of studies, Frédéric Faugeroux did not regret making the most of ITECH’s invitation to take part in technical nights organised regularly by the AFTPVA*. His participation during these evenings, and more generally his implication in professional associations, allowed him to build a network that has been of good use to him throughout his career.

Once he had graduated with his engineering degree in chemistry, he became in 1996 head of the Paint, Building and Civil Engineering department of a chemistry firm. In 1998, thanks to his “network”, he joined Air Products Chemical as Head of Sales in France, then in BASF France in 2001 as Head of Commercial Interactions of the Adhesives and Construction Industries department. Wishing to acquire an international experience “ before it was too late”, in 2006 he decided to live in Singapore with his family and taking over the responsibility of “Marketing for Pacific Asia region” within the Dispersants and Pigments division.

Being really interested by his managerial profil with an international aspect and specialist in paint and adhesive formulation, BASF Construction Chemicals France called him back in 2010 in order to entrust in him the responsibility of Construction Systems France specialised in products and diverse systems: adhesives, joint glues for tiles, tile products, repairing products, protection products, products for sealing, for reinforcing concrete structures…

AFTPVA  French Association of Paints, Varnishes, Inks and Adhesives.

AFPEV: Professional Vocational Training Association for Paint and Varnishes industries.