Professional Bachelors

Professional Bachelor in Technical and Functional Textiles

Organisation of studies

CO-HABILITATION with UCBL (University Claude Bernard of Lyon)

The aim is to train multi-tasking technical managers in the field of production and development of technical and functional textiles (TTF), possessing a global view of the textile world, of the manufacturing processes and of the quality constraints integral to these textiles.

Regular training

19 weeks in the training, 27 weeks in a company

apprenticeship contract

Sandwich course over 13 months, from September to September: 19 weeks in a training centre (640h) and 37 weeks in a company (1295h).

STATUs of the applicants

Students in regular training, students with an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract, job seekers, VAE – Vocational training (CIF, employees).


PUBLIC and pre-requisites

Selective recruitment through the study of file: technical or scientific BAC+2 (L2, DUT, BTS – 2 years of University studies). Individual interview and validation from the company taking on the student.



  • Raw Materials and characterization (94 h): polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, design of experiences, colorimetry, physical-chemistry of surfaces and colloids.


  • Industrial Organisation (126 h) : Company Organization – Written and Oral communication in English – Health, Safety and Environment – Sustainable Development – Quality – Production Management
  • Professional (300 h) : Conception, manufacturing processes technical an functional textiles (TTF) controls – Geo-economy of TTF markets.
  • Tutoring project (120 h).
  • Industrial Internship


Participants will be able to:

  • Elaborate and/or analyse specifications,
  • Elaborate TTFs taking into account technical, economical and environmental necessities:
    • Choosing raw materials,
    • Identifying the materials and the methods needed for manufacturing,
  • Elaborate and industrialize processes,
  • Organise TTF production,
  • Manage a production team,
  • Control the quality of raw materials, of production, of finished products and of the use of necessary measure in the case of an problem,
  • Implement full quality in regards to the rules of health, of safety and of the environment.
  • Discuss on a technical scale, with clients, suppliers and sub-contractors, regardless of the intervention or the sector of activity of the company, due to the general use of textile in various different fields.


This Bachelors trains young multi-tasking technical managers able to evolve in the field of Technical and Functional Textiles: R&D assistant, or production technician, quality technician, technical assistant. He or she will be pushed along by strong knowledge in this field and will be able to converse with clients and suppliers.

This training allows to enter production companies as well as distribution firms for TTFs, but also client and traditional textile companies wishing to evolve towards TTFs.