Higher Technical Certificate

ITECH prepares students for careers in the paint, varnishes, inks, glues and adhesives industries and the ones that use the products.


Higher Technical Certificate in  Paints, Inks and Adhesives, delivered by the the ministry of national education under the student status.


Admission is done through the study of file. Selections are made by looking at school grades. Necessary degree for application: Baccalaureate S, STL or equivalent (secondary school diploma).


They last 2 years. At the end of 1st Year, students choose a prevalent “pants and inks” or “adhesives” path. Students have access to all CROUS services and subscribe to the Students’ Social Security regime under common conditions.


4 week immersion internship during the summer holidays between the 1st and 2nd Year. End of studies internship of 10 weeks before the certificate exams.


The career possibilities are of a technical nature: manufacturing, research laboratory, quality control laboratory (technical-commercial or technical assistance). Our 1st employment service helps young graduates in looking for their for first job.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees (annual contribution) are set by the board of directors. Students can benefit from CROUS grants under common conditions, from regional grants or from loans (the school has partnerships with certain banks that propose special offers).