European School

In order to respond to the demands of European industrials who are eager to recruit specialized engineers in R&D, ITECH Lyon has created the European Section within its 3 year engineering training.

This initiative was first brought up through the opening of the section to the Formulation Chemistry major in September 2014. To meet the needs of the European paint industry, CEPE (the European Council of Paints, Printing Inks) decide to promote the creation of the new European School.

Itech Lyon Ecole Européenne

ITECH was entrusted with the task of spearheading this initiative. As Jérôme Marcilloux, Head of ITECH, explains “our project institute was chosen as we are the reference school in terms of engineering training specializing in paints and inks. Our Formulation Chemistry course was judged to be adequate. It is this one that will be implemented on a European scale with an importance difference being that the lessons will be given in English.”

According to Jacques Menicucci, CEO Allios, administrator of FIPEC and president of CEPE, CEPE has also taken into account that the ITECH training has shown its colors for many years towards industrials: “they appreciate the scientific content which are completed by modules in management and human resources training.”