The European School

ITECH is making the most of its know-how by giving an international side to its Engineering Degree


The project of creating a European School was initiated by ITECH in collaboration with FIPEC (Federation of French Industries of Paints, Inks, Colors, Adhesives and Wood preservatives) in order to meet recruitment demands of paint engineers in Europe which was identified by CEPE (European Council of Paints, Printing Inks and Colour Artists). These needs of recruitment are estimated at 220 engineers per year over the next 5 years. These industries are thus offering numerous opportunities for careers.

After consulting different academic institutes in the European sector, ITECH was put forward as the reference institute for formulation paint engineering. The school offers a multi-disciplinary training program: scientific and technical, with social science  modules: management, accounting…

The European school opened in September 2014 for the Formulation Chemistry major (3 years studies) with an orientation towards the paint industry. In order to continue with its desire to expand its international reach, in September 2016 the European section opened for two other majors taught at ITECH: Plastic Materials and Textiles. All course are taught in English