Summer School

For complete program information, including how to apply, please visit the full website for the program:

Basic program details:

For whom?

For students with a scientific background (preferably but not exclusively chemistry/materials/polymers), having finished at least their first year of university.

What scientific program?

At ITECH, students will have the opportunity to do several laboratory sessions foocused on polymers: polymer synthesis, formulation of adhesives, paints, cosmetics, textile and leather applications.


€2150 for 5 weeks of lessons in French and practical scientific sessions. Housing, visits and social-cultural events are included.

Bilingual students do not need to do French as a Foreign Language course and benefit from a €200 reduction.

Download the brochure

ITECH Summer School 2020 Brochure


Extract from the bylaws:

“Article 9 : clothes and conduct
Students must respect the personnel working at the school. They must wear the appropriate garments. ITECH is a secular school and no apparent religious ostentatious signs are tolerated. They must also respect the cleanliness of the school.”