10 Good Reasons…

10 good reasons to enroll at ITECH

why choose ITECH

  1. ITECH is the only school in Europe training highly specific engineers in the following sectors: formulation (paints, inks, and cosmetics), technical textiles, leather and plastic materials.
  2. ITECH allows students with 2 or 4 years of secondary education to specialize in a field of their choice.
  3. ITECH trains engineers who find work quickly after graduation, thanks to the professional experience gained during their numerous internships.
  4. Research teams and students possess highly technical equipment within the school and dedicated technical centers (CFP, CTC…).
  5. Students are taught by lecturer-researchers, as well as industrials.
  6. Companies are present on numerous occasions at the school: Company Day, Job Dating, Research Projects… and students regularly visit these firms for their internships, research projects, and other tours.
  7. ITECH works in close collaboration with the companies of its sectors: over 300 job offers are received each year. The ITECH graduate is highly sought after in France and abroad.
  8. The human aspect is a key value at ITECH, whose 450 students have the opportunity to give their point of view in class, and receive help to find accommodation.
  9. ITECH’s engineering degree is also proposed in English for foreigners or French students with a good level in English.
  10. The Lyon region is centrally located in France and is less than two hours from Paris, Marseille, Geneva and the Alps.