Services and Consulting


An engineering school’s know-how in the service to the industry

From its experience in polymer materials and their applications and from its relations with industry, ITECH offers numerous services to companies through CEDEVE (CEntre for DEVelopment for Enterprises) and through its innovation.



Activities of CEDEVE

  • Vocational training modules: collective training, on demand, tutoring, development of certifications and qualifications.
  • Technological services: trials, studies, analysis and characterization.
  • Presta + By ITECH: employment of an engineer dedicated to a project and managed by ITECH
  • Counselling and audits: Development of new products, eco-conception, expertise on manufacturing processes, application, control and selection of materials and raw materials…

ITECH Innovation develops its research, mainly in partnership, in technological fields but also within innovation methods. This structure mainly follows collaboration projects over several years. It uses the knowledge and skills of the lecturer-teachers and/or of engineering students or PhD students.

Technological research at ITECH is done within the GFMP laboratory: Functionalization Engineering of Polymer Materials. Its main themes are:

  • Polymer materials with sensorial properties or microbial controlling,
  • Polymer materials with improved life cycles.

Its aim is to create advanced polymer materials (functionalization of polymers via synthesis procedures and/or transformation).

To this day, 2 types of research are undertaken by ITECH:

  • Academic research involving PhD students with partner universities and/or the CNRS
  • Research and Innovation, managed by the team (14 lecturer-researchers and laboratory assistants).

Technological platforms

4 teaching and research technological platforms

Companies investing in research through ITECH to develop projects can benefit from Research Tax Credits.