The CVTtheque is available for each graduating class of students.

Employment Service

Student Status: students have accumulated over 12 months of interships and work experience in companies (in France or abroad).

Apprentice status: the students are employees of the a company throughout the 3 years of studies (1/3 in school, 2/3 in a company).


Graduated ITECH engineers hold positions in all areas proposed by the chemistry industry: R&D, production, quality, technical-commercial…

Job offers

You would like to send us an offer?

These are sent to Estelle Vlieghe

Please include the following pieces of information (Word file, if possible):

  • Presentation of the company and of the sector of activity
  • Presentation of the mission
  • Skills required
  • Desired profile
  • Location
  • Type of contract and length (in the case of a temporary contract)
  • Starting date
  • Name and e-mail of the recruiter

The offers are sent by e-mail to newly graduated students as well as to alumni, depending on the sought-after profile.

For any information: Estelle Vlieghe