How to apply to ITECH as a foreign student


This page concerns foreign students currently studying outside of France.

For French students or foreigners currently studying in France, the steps for applying can be found here.


Steps to Apply

A. After completing the online application, which can be found here. you will be asked to provide the following documents by email:

1. A cover letter detailing your motivation to enroll in the program

2. Proof of completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
For universities studies currently being undertaken: certificate of achievement of the degree to be given before the 10th of July.

3. All university transcripts obtained up until now

4. High school diploma and transcript

5. Recommendation letter from a Head of Department/Institute/Studies

6. CV/Resume

7. Passport or national identity card

8. For non-EU residents: Proof of ability to pay cost of living and tuition fees.
This can be in the form of bank statements showing that you have a minimum of €1,600 on a monthly basis, or that you have a lump sum or loan to cover you at least for the first year of studies.


B. Await an invitation for an interview with the international admissions team by video conference. This will be an interview regarding your motivation and during which we can answer any questions you may have about the engineering degree or about ITECH in general.


For information about obtaining a visa, see our website.


Who is eligible to apply?

In order to join ITECH for the engineering degree, you must have completed 3  or more years of undergraduate studies in chemistry. The number of years and the content of the courses taken will determine whether you can join ITECH in the 1st or 2nd year of studies. 


What is the application deadline for enrollment in September 2021?

You can apply at any point and we will attempt to give you a response within 6 weeks. Students from outside the European Union should apply by March or April at the latest in order to have time to complete the visa steps. In order for us to be sure to be able to reserve you a room in a student residence, you should confirm your enrollment by May.


When does the first payment of tuition fees need to be made?

Upon admission, we ask for 30% of the first year’s tuition fees. This amount will be reimbursed if the visa is not delivered.


Housing in Lyon

If you confirm your enrollment at ITECH before the month of May, we can reserve you a room in a student residence. In Lyon there are several residences from the CROUS network that we can place you in. These residences are off-campus (around 30 to 45 minutes public transportation). Rent ranges from €197 for a single room with shared bathroom and kitchen, to €337 for a one-room apartment (studio) or €337 for a 97m², 7-person shared apartment or €450 for a studio, depending on which residence you are in.


For instance, you can check out some residences where former students have stayed:

Résidence André Allix
Résidence des Girondins

These are both from the CROUS, the French organization for student life, including housing.


There is a new on-campus student residence called Le Galion: Rooms with a shared kitchen are €480 per month, or individual one room apartments are €625 per month.


Booking fees are €200 for both CROUS or Le Galion.


Of course, students can choose to rent an apartment or a room in an apartment on their own.


For more information about housing and life in Lyon, contact Nathalie Pinton, head of international relations:


Living in Lyon: monthly expenses

Monthly living expenses (not including rent or tuition fees) are calculated at between €300 and €400.


Complementary health insurance: between €7 and €35 per month.


Housing insurance and mandatory civil liability insurance: €30 per year.


Public Transport Card (TCL) : €32.50 per month


This amounts to a budget of about €800 per month, with a first month at around €1000 (rent deposit, necessary purchases…). Please note that for those who need a student visa, there is a requirement to justify monthly resources of €615, even though in reality this will not be sufficient.


Visit these pages for more information about student life in Lyon: